Markets: Professionals/Consultants

Professionals and Consultants’ experiences, licensing and education provide the expertise that leads them to the field in which they specialize. Whatever their field of expertise, they are held to a high level of competency, diligence and performance. They expect the same from the professionals they hire (i.e. their CPA). Stokes and Powell CPAs, LLC provides the highest level of competency and timely professional service. We are professionals and know what professionals need in their business.

Psychologists note that the optimist sees the glass as half full where the pessimist sees the glass as half empty. But our team sees the need to ask more questions about the glass. We ask the questions!

      • We help to determine the best type of entity to conduct business, taking into consideration risk, taxes, finances and owner’s goals.
      • We prepare payroll, income, and sales tax returns on the method most conducive to lower taxes.
      • We recommend the appropriate accounting system for your business and perform bookkeeping duties.
      • We keep our clients apprised of new business developments regarding taxes, general business, banking, etc.