Markets: Real Estate

Commercial and residential owners, developers, lenders, and sureties are all involved in the real estate area. Owners evaluate whether a project is feasible. The developer acquires the land, obtains approvals, secures financing and begins construction. Lenders provide the necessary funds for the projects, requiring many reports and updates. Sureties provide bonding, which is a form of insurance. Contractors must submit detailed financial data to the surety to secure a bond.

      • Stokes and Powell (S&P) assists in evaluating the feasibility of a project.
      • S&P helps secure financing for projects.
      • S&P can produce the financial data lenders and sureties require on a project.
      • S&P can advise in structuring IRC Sec 1031 Like-Kind Tax Deferred Exchanges.
      • S&P can assist with Cost Segregation which is a strategic tax savings tool that allows an increase in cash flow by accelerating depreciation deduction and deferring taxes.